I often get asked for help with technology issues (even though I don’t talk much about my Microsoft qualifications). I often keep notes just in case I get asked the same question another day. Cut and paste is so easy.

I’m also often bemused by the fact that people with some IT related issue just cannot translate that issue into something which, typed into a search engine, would return lots of results with solutions.

Then again, often those solutions are explained in a way that people cannot understand. I mean, an appreciation that the [Alt] keys at either end of the spacebar can serve different functions is basic computer knowledge, isn’t it? As is an understanding that the numeric keys across the top of the keyboard and the numeric keypad on the right can work in different ways (like Alt+ codes). I mean, can’t computer users arm themselves with this basic knowledge?

So, guided I hope by my experiences of people who cannot understand words with more than three syllables and of technophobes who think the TV remote control will operate their computer, here I’m offering advice in, I hope, understandable ways.

If you can’t understand me, tough! You shouldn’t even turn a computer on!


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