Choosing a Hosting Company

I’ve often thought that bloggers fall into two distinct groups: those who use Wordpress and those who don’t. This is, perhaps unfairly, because I’ve yet to come across one of the don’ts who doesn’t use Google’s Blogger platform. And I now shut my ears to the pleas for help when things don’t quite work out on Blogger. Indeed, there are many Blogger-hosted blogs that I no longer follow simply because the way Blogger presents them makes them unreadable. And if you’re reading a Blogger blog, ad and cookie blockers mean that’s often all you will do. Forget commenting!

But I’m not here to compare Blogger and Wordpress; rather I want to develop things onward from the choice that many Wordpress bloggers will make to leave (or rather not to leave it but to move their blog to a self-hosting arrangement.

The first and vital part of this process is choosing your hosting company. Uh, whaddayamean I hear you ask.

If your blog is hosted at (you have a blog name like, then Wordpress is your hosting company – they maintain the servers on which your blog sits and from which it is delivered down the wires to the internet. When you choose to move from you choose another company to do that job. It’s called “self-hosting”. I’m not going to write a book on the subject; rather I’m going to fire a few bullets in your general direction to get you thinking.

The nature of the web means that you can host your blog anywhere in the world and, to your eager visitors, it makes absolutely no difference whatsoever (unless you choose a company in China or North Korea where you may encounter state censorship!) The choice of hosting company/location only affects YOU!

Hosting companies want to maximise revenue and minimise expenditure. That’s what business is about. So:

Also take time to delve into what’s on offer. Choosing between electricity and gas providers is actually simpler than choosing a web host! What will you get for your £ (or $)?:

I’ve learned the hard way! I write my blog posts in Word on my local PC. Then I cut and paste into Wordpress (or my website editor if I’m building an HTML page). If I add photos I’ll save those with the Word file locally. So that just if something goes wrong I haven’t lost anything.

Often you will find that a company offers a simple blog hosting contract. Compare this with the company’s basic standard hosting contract. You may find that the latter works out cheaper than the former. This is because the hosting company has factored in the risk of blog hosting contract customers being numpties so having a higher support overhead. But Wordpress is so simple that if you stop and think, you’ll usually find that you don’t need to phone support every other hour!

Take your time.

But remember that you own your domain name and that’s the key to your blog (and your presence on the web). The domain name is portable. So if you do make a big mistake in your choice of hosting company, it’s not the end of the world; it will just cost you some ££ or $$.

Just make sure you get the process of shifting right. It’s little different (though can be just a bit more complicated if you have email and other things to shift) to moving from hosting. I’ll cover a shifting checklist in another article.

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