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Resident cat decided to move in a few years ago. He’d previously belonged to a neighbour but, perhaps because that neighbour decided to add a dog to the family, he chose to relocate.

Once I’d become accustomed to sharing my bed (well, more a case of holding on to the little bit of the bed I’m allowed to occupy), and organising my life to suit the requirements of a rather bossy feline, I came to appreciate the plus points a bit.

Prior to his relocation, I’d regularly suffered that bane of a gardener’s life: cat shit in the beds and borders.

Pillster’s Blog


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The Vanalikes Club

But resident cat is very territorial! Now, the other neighbourhood cats slink by quickly, not daring to pause to do their business on Pillster’s territory. So I think the cost of his cat food, treats, vet bills and the like is great value for money.

I’m not so sure about being woken up at regular intervals through the night when he wants to come in or go out (sometimes he comes in through one door and immediately goes out through another; at other times he goes out through one door and immediately wants to come in another way) or decides it’s playtime at 2am.

He has his own blog and also runs the Vanalikes Club web site (for cats who aspire to be like the famed Turkish Van breed). More about these via the links on the right.

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