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My Gardening Library

What’s occupying space on my bookshelves. My comments may help you to make up your mind whether you want to buy a book or just try to borrow it from your local library.


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My Gardening Website

What my garden is about, why I do what I do, how I do it. Reviews of products and services that I buy/use. Information about plants and lots of links to other information sources for amateur gardeners like me.

You’ll find my writings on my main hobby, gardening, at the following links.

My Gardening Blog

What I’m doing today (when I get round to writing about it). What I think about the latest developments in the gardening field. And a lot of opinions about life, the world, the universe and that sort of s**t!

Other Gardens

Who doesn’t like to wander around someone else’s garden? Here you’ll find my thoughts on some of those gardens I’ve wandered around.

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