Wordpress (.com) Hosting –v- Self-Hosting

When you use Wordpress as your blogging platform you have the choice of hosting your blog at or of finding your own hosting company. offers free blog hosting accounts (a lot of people don’t know that can also host “normal” web sites as well as blogs) but there are limitations:

You may want to have a more appropriate domain name (I have among others) without the “” at the end. You may want to be able to use your domain to both send and receive email. You may want to access a range of features that you cannot use with hosting.

You may step up to a paid account, a sort of halfway house between Wordpress and self-hosting but you still don’t get email and whilst you can then choose (at cost) your own domain name and stop adverts, there are still other issues which may limit what you can do.

This is why many people choose their own hosting company. This is called “self-hosting”. You choose a company, pay their fee and away you go. You will also need to choose and purchase (and renew annually) your chosen domain name. Choosing your hosting company and domain name are topics I’ll cover separately. For the moment, I’m just looking at the underlying difference between Wordpress hosting and self-hosting.

The first mistake people make is to say they’ve moved from .com to .org (there are, I suppose, two parts to Wordpress: and But you don’t leave one and you don’t move to the other. They’re totally different entities.

But you haven’t completely left you know! When you log in to manage your blog, look at the login dialogue. It’ll mention If you install the Jetpack plugin it’ll ask you to link to your account (same id and password as when you hosted your blog there). will deliver in-blog statistics; manage your subscribers (and your own subscriptions to other Wordpress blogs) and a lot more. will deliver the updates to your Wordpress installation, your themes and plugins.

If you use Wordpress you’re part of the community. You’re a member of and can download anything available at

Welcome to a much more friendly and beneficial Hotel California.

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