If you’re familiar with the writings of JRR Tolkien or the films of Peter Jackson, you will have heard of Rivendell.

The home of the elves, and of Elrond; a place of peace with some mystical power to keep the forces of evil at bay. Also known as the last homely house before travellers entered the wilds. My home is the last house in the village. To the side, all I can see is country - the wilds of south Wales. So in a sense I’ve got the last homely house which I named “Rivendell”. Hence the name of this web site or, rather, a collection of web sites and blogs which represent my hobbies and interests and also give a bit of space to “The Cat” (who’s the real boss around here) and his friends.

I hope you enjoy having a look around.

Welcome to the last homely web site. (WHICH IS STILL UNDER DEVELOPMENT!)


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